… I have found him to be extremely efficient and frighteningly competent.  He is a free thinker who spends most of his time outside the box.

Dr. Anil Prabhu (Veterinary Surgeon) Qatar


He is one of the few gifted people who really understands the relationship between the fundamental foundations of the legal and moral ordering of society.

Dr. Robert Moles (Professor of Law) Australia


Graham is the kind of person you can give your house and car keys to as well as trust your wife with.

Maurice A Enderle (Real Estate) USA


Mr. Daniels is a man who stands for truth, before profit and recognition, and a man who dares to stand against the masses….

Jason Schultz (Rag Trade) Hong Kong


As a businessman…. He will see opportunity and advantage in the face of an immovable challenge.

Philip Judge (Financial Services) Panama


Graham has an interesting ability to assess a business situation, apply his firm beliefs and principles and determine a profitable and strategic path forward…

Bryce Anderson (Software Development) United Kingdom


We the chiefs of Mele Village…. Have personally known Graham Daniels for several years.  We personally recommend him as a humble, honest, generous and trust-worthy person who is always willing to listen and help those who want to learn.

Masaai Kalokai & William Malazniwango (Chiefs) Vanuatu


Graham as a father has always been very involved in his children’s livees…. He and his wife Lee often go and support their daughter Taliah at her music performances and gigs… He is often out hunting with his son Jake… and even plays with them in the same polo team… it’s crazy!

David Resce (Musician) Australia


I regards him as a longstanding friend who has incredibl people skills… I can only speak in glowing terms about the man, the friend, the speaker and teacher that is Graham Daniels.

Norm Berry (Investor) New Zealand


Graham enjoys international recognition and respect as a businessman, lecturer, consultant and friend. He has lectured in South Africa, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, Cook Islands, USA, Singapore and Malaysia on subjects ranging from, ‘The Banking System’, ‘The Market Economy’, ‘Trends and Cycles’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Leaving a Heritage to your Children’s Children’ and ‘Taxation…. the Divine to the Ridiculous!’

The attendees to his seminars have included bankers, professors, economics teachers, stockbrokers, congressmen, lawyers, Judges, clergy, business professionals, families and individuals from all walks of life. At the conclusion of Graham’s lectures, he enjoys inviting questions from the floor. “You either know your subject or you don’t. If you’re not prepared to be questioned, then maybe you shouldn’t be given the podium.”

He is a very private person. Married to Leanne in 1980 they raised their two children, Taliah and Jake, on a 140-acre family property in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. He is a fifth generation Australian, born on November 25th 1957 to Peter and Robina Daniels. One of three children.



1973 – At age 16 while still at school, Graham started his first business venture – part time rubbish removal. During this time he also worked as a casual laborer on building sites managed by his father’s Real Estate business, working his way to general repairs, maintenance and property renovations.

1977 – At age 20 Graham was approached by the manager of The House of Hawke to take on the wholesale jewelry agency for The City of Adelaide, which was his introduction to “sales” and the ‘value of gold’.

1979 – Graham was invited to work with a leading insurance broker who specialized in life insurance as a means for his clients to gain a personal or business tax advantage. As “The House of Hawke” was in the midst of a takeover, he accepted the invitation. Graham did extremely well almost instantly, and was on the road to financial freedom.   

1980 – Graham and Leanne were married and within twelve months had formed their own joint venture insurance brokerage, writing business in the area of “internal fund superannuation” and “single premium investment policies” for some of Australia’s largest insurance companies.

1981 – His sales achievements were such that, at the age of 24, Graham was invited by Lumley Insurance Company to be a guest at their annual Million Dollar Round Table luncheon. 

1983 – Success in this business, allowed Graham the freedom to seek additional income streams. A major break came in 1983 at the age of 26 when he accepted the position of board member to Corporate Consultants International Ltd. (CCI), a prestigious and specialized tax planning practice. This complimented his existing operations. CCI marketed tax effective investments, including such programs as cattle leasing and aircraft syndications. Graham soon added to his business portfolio fundraising for the South Australian Film Corporation and the Australian Film Commission, through a tax incentive investment scheme introduced by the Australian Federal Government.

1985 – Graham launched Transact Corporation, an Australian based tax, finance, and investment company.

1986 -With some major changes to Australian legislation in the mid to late eighties, Graham was to return to his fathers Real Estate business which was about to branch into time-share marketing and commercial real estate sales and leasing.

During the eighties, Graham’s father (Peter J. Daniels) had begun writing books based on his life’s journey from an illiterate bricklayer at age 26, to millionaire. The unique blend of their joint backgrounds was soon recognized, and Graham and his father Peter J. Daniels were sought after and contracted as consultants to the boards of numerous organizations for their skills in corporate and strategic business planning. They began to travel the world extensively.

1992 – Vice President of World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, which regularly conducted seminars on four continents and inspired thousands to personal growth and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The year of ’92 also saw the launch of the Australian Providence Foundation, the benevolent arm to the Daniels’ business operations. 

1994 – On invitation, Graham met in New York with the UN ambassador of a communist country and was commissioned to prepare and present a paper to their government on ‘An Interim Strategy for Business Growth’ to develop hard currency.

1998 – Graham formalized his interest in strategic information and precious metals with the launch of Australia Fair. This became a forerunner to the Dan El project.

2006 – Dan El Private Estates launched in Monaco, offering niche private estate planning with an emphasis on the benefits of private bullion holdings. Graham has led the introduction of numerous world firsts in this field including pure gold polymer notes and the private minting of unique bullion coinage that sells globally to a growing private clientele.

2007 – His private counseling based on his background, practical knowledge and personal experience in business has put him in continual demand.  With no advertising or soliciting he is sought after by total strangers, often with the preface, ‘you don’t know me but you helped a friend of mine and he suggested that I contact you’. Due to his ‘street smarts’ and calm ability to negotiate confidently, even from a position of apparent weakness, he has saved many people from hardship, heartbreak and financial ruin. The response to his involvement expressed by thank you notes and complimentary letters tell the story. The requests that come to Graham for counsel, and the invitations to sit on Boards and to be involved in ‘opportunities and deals’ are the evidence of what his life has achieved thus far, the valued estimates people have of him, and the ‘edge’ they perceive he can offer.  His involvement in projects of compassion throughout the world has produced emotional letters of gratitude from people he has never met.

2015 – Graham and Leanne accepted an invitation to take up residence in the Archipelago of Vanuatu, where he is working with the local Ni Van on various projects.

As a natural progression to Graham’s interest in the open market economy and the benefits of private bullion holdings, Graham is in the process of establishing the worlds only dedicated full reserve bullion bank.



In his own words:

‘I refuse to take full credit for my achievements as I recognize that I come from a fortunate country and family background, I have seen many facets of life and have had the foundation of numerous adventures and experience at a young age. I will always be thankful to God’.

Graham’s balanced lifestyle clearly demonstrates the priority he places on family life. He continually advocates the importance of a functional family as the building block of society and is often heard saying, “As the family goes…. so goes the nation”. Graham’s greatest claim to fame is the fact that his family under God and his relationships with them are his most valuable asset and his greatest achievements.